It's more common than you think

At least 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health difficulty at some point in our lives.


2 in 3 people with a mental health 
difficulty tend not to seek help 
and struggle alone.


1 in 3 people seek professional help but often face long waiting lists, high costs or therapies not being provided.

How can we help you

Virtually Free designs and develops therapeutic multi-platform games to improve and prevent mental health problems. We aim to improve the world’s mental health and make therapy more accessible, affordable and engaging empowering people with the tools to manage their conditions themselves. 

Our health apps

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Stress Free

Has work or daily life got to you? Dr Freeman, our virtual doctor, 
teaches you four tested relaxation techniques including calm breathing, 
deep muscle relaxation, meditation and self-hypnosis.


Phobia Free

Scared of spiders? Phobia Free has been developed by two UK leading consultant psychiatrists to help you the same way a real therapy would if you visited the doctor. We use exposure therapy to help you engage and remain relaxed when dealing with spiders.


Agoraphobia Free

Do you have agoraphobia? Alex, a woman on her 30s, seeks 
Dr Freeman’s help to treat her. You will apply what she learns to 
your own situation and in real life, setting your own goals.

Backed by industry experts


Dr Andres Fonseca

Consultant psychiatrist, member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and honorary lecturer in UCL.


Dr Russell Green

Consultant psychiatrist and 
member of the Royal College 
of Psychiatrists.


Richard Flower

Award-winning video game developer with mainstream titles in his career such as Tomb Raider and Theme Park.

What others are saying about us

emma reily.png

Dr Emma Reilly, Clinical Psychologist at Pulse

“I loved the app! I thought it looked beautiful and the games were fun. 
For me the most helpful thing was the frequent reminders that spiders 
may feel fear, pain, and are trying to survive. In my mind they'd become 
evil little creatures hell bent on crawling on me.”


Margaret Hooper, Editor

“This app is highly engaging and has the potential by using virtual 
tools, such as the augmented reality feature, to greatly facilitate those 
wishing to overcome their spider phobia.”


Dr Christian Jessen, Embarrassing Bodies by Channel 4

“Get over your phobia with an app? This is revolutionary, money saving 
and genius! That phobia app is inmmense.”

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